5 Smart Strategies to Satisfy Your Agency’s Toughest Customers

by - June 29, 2020

Remember what it was like when you and your toughest client first fell in love? 

You were the dashing agency that swept your client off their feet with your very first marketing deck. But now your relationship has settled and your client is showing signs of impatience. It’s the kind of impatience that may lead to infidelity, if you’re not actively working to win their adoration every day.

Face it, we live in a world with many choices and clients are tempted to stray when they hear about others’ success stories. You need a smart retention strategy or you risk losing them forever!

So how do you continue to provide solutions that will delight them while delivering maximum results?

Here are five sure-fire strategies to get your client relationship back on track.

1 - Remind Them Why They Love You and Promise to Do More

Review your current marketing initiatives and identify what’s working and what’s not. Start by taking credit for the good and make a plan to improve the rest. Most likely you’re finding that ads don’t sell like they used to: Consumers are just not that into ads. According to Nielsen’s Global Trust In Advertising report, people trust text ads less than any other content medium.

2 -Try a More Exciting Approach

Even though you’re reading this now, we all know the message would be more memorable, if it was in video format. But just how much of a difference does it make?

According to studies, the average viewer remembers 95% of a message when it is watched, whereas only 10% when read.

Not surprisingly, worldwide audiences are consuming content in new and savvy ways and, regardless of the channel or device, video is the most compelling storyteller. In fact, statistics show that 76% of adults in the US, UK and Australia have purchased a product after viewing a video. 

So, how can you add it to your clients’ marketing arsenal make leads convert?

3 - Enlist Help 

As marketers, we see the overwhelming trend toward video content, but including it in your integrated marketing plans is daunting. 

Whether your agency has experience or not, the traditional video production process requires significant time and resources and there’s no guarantee that anyone will ever see it. Help is here in the form of a new wave of dynamic Martech that is emerging to address these obstacles. 

One ground-breaking example is VideoRankMe, the first AI-powered Google search ranking tool that creates and publishes intelligent YouTube videos to rank on top of all search engines. With minimal input and effort, it creates custom built, branded promotional videos with embedded metadata using advanced AI. This Google-approved SaaS platform updates whenever Google changes its algorithms, so it’s designed to deliver the “page one” search results your clients crave. 

4 - Don’t Hide Your Love

While maximizing the Google and YouTube searchability of your promotional videos and other relevant content is key, don’t forget the power of engaging your viewers on those platforms and other social media. Learn from successful YouTubers who constantly monitor and interact with their fans. They respond to viewers’ comments—even the negative ones—and “heart” their favorites. If patterns in viewer reactions emerge, consider posting response videos. Using analytics to identify top fans will allow you to show them some extra love. Your viewers, your subscriber count, and ultimately your website traffic will thank you for it.

5 - Toast to Your Success and Repeat

Share your results with your clients and let them speak for you. Be the success story others talk about! 

Interested in learning more about producing promotional videos that convert? 

VideoRankMe is the first Google-approved video ranking technology and SaaS platform for quick “Page One” results on Google and YouTube. Click here to set up your product demo.

Who knows? It may be love at first sight all over again.

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