7 reasons why video is crucial to your SEO strategy

by - July 13, 2020


As marketers, we’re tasked every day with producing effective content. We create blogs, gifs, articles, infographics, videos, podcasts and webinars. Different content types have their own individual strengths. But when it comes to content that can convert, video has proven to come out on top time and time again.

1. Video sticks in your customer’s head 

Studies suggest that viewers are 95% more likely to remember your call to action in a video than if they had consumed the same message via text. By combining many moving parts and interacting with sight and sound, video is an amazing learning medium and an effective engagement tool. 

2. It catches the eye and motivates 

Because of how it engages the brain, video reaches into the imagination to help us tell great stories. The granular control you can have on appearance, sound and atmosphere is impossible to replicate with other media.

3. It aids brand development 

This level of control over the content lets you bring a message to your customers that is on brand and one that they will never forget.

4. It is what people prefer 

When prospects have the choice between consuming video and text content, a recent study shows that 72% of people prefer to learn more about a product or service using video.

5. It offers you new ways to reach and engage your prospects 

Take YouTube for example, this is the new gold mine all marketers are trying to dominate. Yes we go there to relax and have some laughs but it is now a place where we learn! 50% of YouTube users go there to learn how to do things according to a 2018 study.


Creating a video to promote your company that is informative and educational is a game changer that would differentiate you from your competition. Google published research that revealed 65% of people are using YouTube to solve a problem, but more importantly, 86% of people say they use it to learn something new. Now, imagine the possibilities! 

6. It saves you money 

Think about how much you have spent on banners and classic advertising online. Compare that number to the nearly 50% of internet users who run an Ad-Blocker. That's half of potential prospects lost without even properly launching your campaign! People are aware of online advertising and they adapted to it. This is why using video is a disruptive way of promoting your company or your products: It engages people, it grabs their attention and most importantly it allows you to reach a large audience!

7. You can immediately rank with video

To reach that audience, you need to be front and center when people are searching for content. To get that top spot on Page One of Google and YouTube search, it can take months or years using traditional methods – until VideoRankMe. Our AI powered platform can re-index your YouTube videos, or you can publish videos through our easy to use platform to rank right out of the gate.

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