How to Relaunch Your Old Videos

by - July 13, 2020

Improving Google Search Rankings Gives Your Videos a Second Life

In our disposable society, it’s tempting to cast your video content aside when it stops generating top search engine results and CTRs. You may feel pressured to do it because the message is a little outdated or your sales team is itching for a brand new concept.
But, making an effective marketing video for small to mid-sized businesses is a big investment. It typically requires significant expertise, energy, time and expense. So, rather than ditching a video when it stops attracting your target audience, consider options for “relaunching” or giving new life to your old promotional videos. 
Before moving forward, it’s important to analyze some of the reasons your current video might not be performing well with Google and YouTube search engines:
Your keywords need a tune up

Times change and searchers’ queries do, too. Perhaps the keywords in your video’s title and description on YouTube aren’t as popular as they used to be? Google and YouTube’s search engines scan the video’s transcript, title and description for currently relevant, conversational keywords/phrases and metatags (related keywords) for ranking. Google maintains an index of keywords which helps determine search results, so it’s a good idea to perform a current keyword analysis. Google’s Keyword Planner can help you identify the most searched terms to update your video’s keyword strategy.
Your video and CTA landing page aren’t “on the same page” 

Even with the right keywords, you cannot solely rely on your search-friendly video to deliver top ranking on SERPs. The landing page helps your viewers go directly to the video they want to watch and lets Google know where to properly categorize the page for better rankings. Ask yourself: Have you optimized the landing page’s content for keywords? Do those same words appear in your title and description? If not, it’s important to dedicate time and energy into updating it so it helps your video rank. 

Your video needs more traffic

Promote your video the way you would any other web content—on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and Google+. Ask people to share your video and comment. Make sure to include a call to action in your video description and landing page encouraging people to interact with your video and it will improve your rankings on both Google and YouTube.

Your video lacks links

Linking your video to blogs and elsewhere within your website is also a helpful tactic to improve ranking. Both Google and YouTube perceive videos with more links to be useful, high quality, and something audiences will enjoy. In addition to your own website, consider writing something you can submit as a guest post because there are many sites that would welcome a relevant post with a video.

Ready to Relaunch?

Where can you get help to address the issues holding your video back from ranking greatness? Look to the latest martech for quick, but long-lasting, organic opportunities to breathe new life into your video assets. VideoRankMe offers ground-breaking, Google-approved AI marketing technology with unique features designed to “boost” the ranking of your already-published videos or quickly create video-centric campaigns using unpublished video assets to rank on Page One of both YouTube and Google.

Two Quick and Easy Approaches to Relaunching with VideoRankMe

For Published Videos

Adds Related Keyword MetaTags to Improve Indexing
Indexing is the mechanism that drives your video’s position in search results, so it’s critical to your video’s success on both YouTube and its parent, Google. Typical indexing for videos depends on the keywords found in the video, title and description. However, in order to optimize your video for search, VideoRankMe’s AI technology adds metatags, which are related keywords that can also be indexed, to increase your video’s ranking power without disrupting your historical YouTube performance metrics. Plus, VideoRankMe is Google-approved and leverages its API Service Level access to automatically optimize 200+ factors taken into consideration by Google’s latest algorithm.

Creates a New, Search-Optimized Landing Page 
The Google search algorithm takes the relevancy of the CTA website into account when ranking videos. So, when you don’t have time or resources to re-do the entire website to incorporate your updated keyword strategy, it’s a good practice to at least optimize the landing page. VideoRankMe’s technology helps you relaunch your old video and automatically generates a campaign-specific landing page “supercharged” with the keywords straight from your video’s keyword strategy. 
For Unpublished Video Assets 
Produces and Publishes New Videos From Unpublished Video Assets
‘How to’ videos are gaining popularity and growing by 70% year over year because they address what Google refers to as “I Want to Do” moments. Instead of starting from scratch, you can use the cutting-edge AI technology in VideoRankMe to easily embed your unpublished video content into one scene of a newly crafted “how to” storyline to take advantage of that significant search trend. Since your new script, title, description and landing page reflect your updated keyword strategy, your new video will rank at the top of Google and YouTube. 

Generates Four Videos From One

With its powerful AI Multiplicity feature, VideoRankMe uses your initial video script to instantly create 3 similar videos for a total campaign of 4 videos intended to capture more of the top search engine spots at once for maximum visibility. As a result, VideoRankMe’s machine-learning technology also allows your newly-minted video campaign to dominate video carousels on Google. 
Final Thoughts

Despite our disposable society, VideoRankMe knows prudent SMB marketers and agencies must take stock of their existing video assets before investing precious time and energy creating new videos from scratch. 
That’s why we’re offering a 90-day trial, giving marketers a chance to test-drive the Page One ranking technology before committing to a contract. 

Click here to schedule a demo and learn more about relaunching your valuable video assets with VideoRankMe.

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