How Video SEO can carry your brand through a crisis

by - July 13, 2020

Take a deep breath

When a crisis hits the world, the first reaction is to panic and reduce costs to save what we think can be saved! 

Companies or people have the same attitude when it comes to global economic downturn, they tend to react instead of being proactive. This is why you need to take a deep breath and make the most of the situation.

As much as we can’t control the fall, we can influence the bounce! You will probably experience money losses in the weeks to come and it is logical that you are thinking about reducing your costs. One of the first budgets to be cut in these situations is marketing.

Reducing your investment in marketing is understandable but the mistake would be to completely shut it down. Try to think out of the box. You now have more room to be visible online because your competition will publish less and therefore lose its ranking. Panicking is emotional but in difficult times logic should always prevail.

Organic search is the key

Think of organic search as a marathon – it is a fine tuned melody that relies on the runners’ effort to, at least, make it to the finish line! It is competitive, demanding and crowded.

But in the process some are giving up and this allows you to instantly rank higher. This is exactly what’s happening right now. Runners prepare their race for months if not years and then, on D-Day, they give up.

Think long term

SEO is a long term game. It takes months if not years to achieve impressive ranking, if it ever happens. How many times have you been frustrated with your results, hardly making it to page two of Google?

This is exactly the reason why you should see a crisis as a chance and seize that opportunity. Don’t throw away your efforts and capitalize on them, find new ways to improve your ranking like using video SEO.

Why engage with Video SEO

1. Videos are more engaging, they grab your prospects’ attention and your message stays in their mind. 72% of people prefer to learn more about a product or service using video.

2. Be proactive, if you can afford it then keep your marketing budget very much alive! The ideal investment for your advertising strategy is 10% of your global envelope.

3. If 10% is too much, then allocate 7% to preserve the efforts of your marketing team. Make the most of this situation and take advantage, not of the crisis itself, but of the rash emotional decisions made by your competitors to make it to the top.

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