If You’re Not Using These 3 AI Marketing Tools, Your Battle Is Over

by - July 13, 2020

Stop trying to conquer today’s rapidly changing technology. 

If you’re like most marketers at small to mid-sized agencies or firms, you’re feeling overwhelmed by the break-neck speed of technology advancements. You decide to invest, then train your crew (and your clients) on a new platform, when two more pop up in its place - like a modern-day Hydra monster. It can seem like a vicious, unproductive cycle with no end in sight. 

So how do you stop the madness?

Ironically, AI technology could be the key to keeping up with emerging Martech. Embracing AI will free up your time and resources so you can keep pace with the latest innovations to benefit your firm and your clients. 

Below are three AI technologies that will help you stay ahead of the game while boosting your creativity.

1 - Let AI Assist You

According to a recent survey, 52% of adults in the U.S. use voice assistants on their mobile devices, and Juniper Research expects use of voice assistants will only continue to grow. 

It’s no wonder that savvy businesses are seizing on the trend by using AI Assistants (or Voice-search assistants) to enhance their productivity by performing administrative tasks such as: emailing and texting, scheduling meetings, notetaking and list making, booking travel, data research and retrieval. 

A growing number of small and medium-sized business (SMB) marketers, however, recognize that AI-powered virtual assistants can do much more than just administrative tasks - and they’re not afraid to name names. 

According to an Uberall survey of 300 SMB marketers, Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant are considered to have the best marketing potential. When asked about their main motivation to increase investment in voice marketing, the majority responded, “better insight into campaign success and ROI.” 

2 - Save Time with Automation

Running an agency or small business involves constantly juggling priorities.

You’re searching for ways to bring in new business while keeping your current clients happy and promoting loyalty. AI-driven marketing automation helps smart marketers deliver the right message, to the right person (or decision-maker), at the right time. 

And they’re not alone. 

87% of companies overall have adopted AI to improve their email marketing. By providing a common platform for all their communications, being triggered by prospects as they travel through the sales funnel, and providing unified reporting of results, marketing automation is a fully-integrated, intelligent solution. The dominant players in the field are HubSpot, Marketo and Pardot, but Hatchbuck, dotdigital, and Sharpspring are cheaper alternatives with features modern marketers need.

3 - AI Video Ranking Is the New MarTech

Another, more ground-breaking, application for AI that benefits firms of all sizes is video ranking. While 88% of marketers are committed to devoting more dollars to video campaigns in the future and results-driven marketers know that video content is 50 times more likely to drive organic search results than plain text, one critical challenge remains: Getting the video in front of the right audience.

What if you learned there was a revolutionary new technology that uses your keyword strategy to easily generate a series of videos, then boost them to the top of “Page One” on Google and YouTube? 

VideoRankMe is the first AI-powered technology that does just that, plus it is a Google-approved SaaS platform and has valuable API Service Level access, so it stays current with search algorithms as Google makes changes. To learn more about producing promotional videos that can be easily found by your target audience, we invite you to set up a product demo.

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