Neuroscience explains why video drives highest CTR

by - July 13, 2020

With over 80% of businesses in the US now actively engaged in a video marketing strategy, we looked to the primal cues underpinning the paradigm shift towards video. 


The visual cortex

This part of our brain receives and integrates visual information, and it processes video 60,000 times faster than text. 90% of information transmitted to the brain is visual, which is why we remember 95% of a video message versus just 10% of a text message. Would you rather watch a 60 second video or read 1,800,000 words? 

Emotional contagion 

Emotional Contagion is the ability to influence the emotions of others, either directly or indirectly. Humans are social beings, so by watching video, viewers’ brains adapt to read other’s emotions and to appropriately respond. Closely linked with empathy, emotional contagion influences our thoughts and feelings, and helps synchronize our emotions with the situation. Marketers can create a contagious “emotional culture” in videos to build brand affinity.

The occipital cortex – fight or flight

Ever wondered why the motion of digital signage draws 400% more eyeballs than traditional signage? Our bias towards motion has its roots in the fight or flight response. We’re wired to notice movement so when we see a video, our occipital cortex requires us to take notice. 

The fusiform face area

This part of the human visual system makes us pay attention to faces. From the moment we are born, this function’s evolutionary purpose is to seek out other faces, so include people in your videos to make that vital human connection. Faces capture attention, we read others’ faces in videos to empathize with their emotions, which enables us to build deep-rooted credibility and trust in the brand. 

The above neurological links are why humans are hardwired to notice videos. Through video, brands can powerfully connect and convert customers in ways that text will never be able to achieve. Once you’ve got the video, next you need people to see it. That’s where VideoRankMe’s AI technology steps in and gets your video ranking on Page One of Google and YouTube in minutes. For more information, schedule a demo with our team of video marketing experts.

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