This too shall pass

by - July 13, 2020

There is an old Persian story of a king that requested a ring to be made that would be inscribed with a phrase that would keep him grounded. The phrase they inscribed was "this too shall pass". 

Right now many businesses are suffering and making snap decisions that will affect them far into the future. For now it is more important than ever to remember this simple phrase and to not do anything rash. 

Don’t let things slide

SEO is one area that could get pushed down the priority list when a crisis, particularly an unprecedented one, strikes. However, now more than ever it is important to not let your brand slip into bad practices or worse again, stop maintaining your SEO entirely.

SEO is a long game, it must be planned, executed and maintained. Video is an effective way to maintain it. However, this can be problematic as video is the most time intensive form of content creation.

The importance of video

Video is 50 times more likely to get you to page one and improves conversion rates. Sales may be slow for now, but when this passes, you’ll need to scale up as fast as possible. To be ready for the end of the crisis, be where your customers can find you. SEO is not something you can do last minute, so it is important to maintain it, even if it is only at a minimal level. 

Take advantage of the slow down to create video content. Get into the habit of posting regularly, and if you have enough time create additional content for when things pick up again to save time later. 

To get the most out of this content you need to make sure that it is seen. VideoRankMe can ensure that your content gets to the top of YouTube results and to page one of Google for maximum visibility.

Keep in mind that it should not be video just for video sake. Users want content that appeals to them, and you want content that keeps their attention. To this end fine-tune every part of the video. Though video makes for a far better call to action than text, that video needs to be engaging and worthwhile. 

Cover the basics

Video should be the core of your SEO strategy, but don’t neglect everything else. 

Assess your overall strategy and audit it. Sweat over the small things and read up on new trends.  With the general slowdown take the time to plan and develop a strategy that will serve your brand better. Once the crisis passes, you want to be ready to go full throttle again and have prospects find you with ease. 

This too can be a great time for boosting your content. Take advantage of the tools offered by VideoRankMe to rank videos that you have previously uploaded. By the time all of this has blown over you can have perfected your SEO strategy and be regularly publishing content.

But if it all seems too daunting, and you are getting overwhelmed by the crisis. Remember, that this too shall pass.

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